The larger the breast, the lower the confidence

The larger the breast, the lower the confidence

Breast is a part of the body that often makes women proud. Breast is able to symbolize the beauty, sexiness and elegance of a woman. That is why women often maintain and take care of their breasts in order to achieve a desirable shape.

A study reported by, found interesting facts about breasts. It is said that the larger the breast of a woman, then their confidence will actually decline. This is especially true in young women. They are vulnerable to mental health problems.

“Without realizing, large breast size or asymmetrical or those who grow abnormally called macromastia are able to cause mental disorders. Surprisingly many young women experience it. They are not confident with the shape of their breasts. So they will tend to withdraw from association,” said Dr. Brian Labow of Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

Unfortunately again, the girls suffering from this disorder usually also has eating disorders. “We even had to provide special counseling for those who suffer from it, which also includes providing information about breast surgery that they can do when they grow up if they remain dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts.”

“Whatever the shape of the breast or physical shape you have, you should be grateful. Because the most important thing of all is the physical and mental health you have.”

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