The Loudness of metal music could cause headaches

The Loudness of metal music could cause headaches

There are so many genres of music that emerged at this time. Everything comes from the phrase or expression of a composer who poured into the tone. There is a song by genre relaxed, some are fast paced and hard as rock or heavy metal music.

For fans of rock music, of course it is not complete if you do not shake the head when listening to this music. Not infrequently, the faster rhythm with the music, the sooner you shake the head and body.

But did you know that this habit is able to cause fatal health problems? Reporting from, around 2014 a neurosurgeon analyze a 50-year-old male patient suffering from constant headaches and worsening. On examination, the man admitted that he often listened to rock music and just see rock music concert. MRI scan found a blood clot in his brain that is estimated to be triggered as she shook her head violently. This condition is called by Sid Vicious syndrome.

“Shock hard in the head could damage the blood vessels in the center of it and causing severe trauma. Symptoms initially are in the form of a mild headache that could further menggawat when you get too excited in menggerak head movement,” said a doctor from Harvard named Robert Caspari in his journal that published in the New England Journal of Medicine. “In addition to causing headaches, patients with this syndrome usually bleeding in the eye because rocked too hard.”

Listening to rock music while rocking indeed legitimate, but you also have to do it in moderation. Do not let your health sacrificed for your favorite music.

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