The main causes of digestive problems


digestive problems

Digestive problems such as bloating, constant burping and diarrhea will disrupt your activities. One of the causes of the problem is your digestion of food. Many of us eats all the food regardless of the side effects afterwards. Here are the main causes of gastrointestinal problems as reported by healthmeup (23/7).

  • Spicy foods. Everyone knows that most spicy foods make your stomach churn and cause diarrhea. For patients with irritable bowel syndrome or ulcers, avoid these foods.
  • High fat foods (can be in the form of fried foods or high-fat sauces and meat used in cooking).
  • High fiber foods (eg in insoluble fiber, and contains gases such as cauliflower, cabbage and beans).
  • Caffeine. Drinks containing caffeine can increase stomach acid.
  • Alcohol. Causing acid reflux or nausea. Most alcohol makes you diarrhea and cause stomach cramps.

Avoid the foods above so that digestion is smooth and your activities are not disrupted.