The older you get, it become more difficult to recognize colors


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Health tips – When they get older, many people will experience a decline in health. Starting from how the body increasingly gets weak and tired, and other symptoms . But there is one thing that is rarely expected by most people when they get older. Many do not know that the older they get, they will increasingly lose the ability to recognize colors.

A recent study revealed that many people loss their ability to recognize and distinguish colors as they get older. It usually starts when they reach age 70 years, and gets worse. Even so, the good news is that losing the ability to recognize colors did not seem to affect the quality of their daily lives.

Actually, researchers have long learned that the ability to recognize colors may decline as people age. Lenses in their eyes become more yellow and makes them see the yellowish color bias. As a result, elderly will not be able to distinguish blue with purple and yellow with green, this is as reported by Healthy Living.

But this is very different from color blindness diseases that affects more men. People who are color blind is not caused by a problem in their lenses. Usually they also can not distinguish red from yellow .

The results of this latest study by researchers was obtained through observation and tests of 900 people aged 58 to 102 years from Northern California. They also differentiate participants who did have color blindness. Researchers found that 45 percent of people experience a decline in the recognition of colors in their mid 70s .

So, what can one do to prevent or treat this? The researcher explains that this can not be prevented or treated by using glasses. Patients should perform operations like a cataract surgery to replace the lens of the eye.

Researchers found that a decrease in the ability to recognize colors can be caused not only by natural aging, but can also be triggered by diabetes. To that end, it would not hurt to maintain a healthy body and control blood sugar so this does not happen when you start to get older.

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