The Process Of Self Discovery



In the way of self discovery proceed from where you are right now to ask yourself “Who am I?” “What creates more joy in my life?” “What do I really like to do?” Periodically or frequently you need to check in with your inner guide or wisdom, and ask, “am I on the right track?” “Does this feel right?” “Is this how I want to spend my time?” Many times fear prevents us from being self-fulfilled. But insist with yourself that you become more fearless, and you back up that effort with your choices each and every day.

Do small things at first that you ordinarily would not have done, out of fear. Push yourself to create more joyful pathways, and be open to encounters, which could propel you towards your purpose in life. I know that the synchronicity that occurs around us is a confirmation of our purpose in life, and that each of these moments can encourage, lead us, can answer hidden questions for us, open us to greater moments, and propel us towards our destinies and a more fulfilled place in this world.

There are no accidents, everything occurs for some reason. We find out why and we are one step closer to our purpose in life. Why did you survive when someone else didn’t? Why were you born to the parents that you have? How have your parents influenced you? Why did you meet a master pianist? Why were you born exactly where you were?

These are all parts of the puzzle pieces. Put them all together and you begin to see the I am of the moment and how it creates a larger and larger picture and then an overall total package of the divine in you engaging in the universe with specificity and precision.

Probably no one else could fulfill the exact and precise role that you will in your life. So trust that. Live it. Enjoy the discovery. Put forth as much effort as you can to self-discover and know that the I am that you are becoming will impact everyone around you in a positive, enriching way, and may inspire them on their path as well. When you are fearless, you help others to become fearless too. When you stretch past your limitation in your mind also you encourage them to stretch past their own. I am and that is enough. Sowho am I? And who am I allowing myself to become? You will find out for yourself. copyright 2006 Yoga Kat