The reason why women suffer from Emotional Eating


If the condition of anger, what do you want eat? It must be rare among us who choose fruits or vegetables and tend to prefer macaroni and cheese, fries, cakes, chocolate, and various other fat-rich snacks. Why?

“When we eat foods high in carbohydrates, or fatty foods, such as various kinds of cake, then our bodies release a chemical called dopamine. This stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain so you want to repeat the sensation of the food, again and again, “said Karen R Koenig, author of” The Food & Feelings Workbook “, as quoted from Shape, Monday (19/4/2010).

“And if it does not touch the carb, you may want a food that contains sugar and fat. Consumption of foods rich in fat and excessive sugar will increase the chemical substances in the brain associated with pleasure and euphoria. This fact was obtained through recent studies which is held by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “explained Karen.

On the other hand, there are reasons why you so want a certain food when stricken with emotion. Food is associated with your memories as a child. Really?

“Something wonderful happens when you eat certain foods, and want to emulate the happy moments,” says Geneen Roth, author of “Women, Food, and God.” “For example, when you’re angry as a child, your mother provides lasagna or a bowl of chocolate ice cream to calm you down. So, when an adult, you want to do similar things to feel better, “explained Roth.

Nevertheless, it does not mean you can not stop the emotional eating patterns. “The key is to decide the relationship between food and mood. Learn to identify the foods as you eat for reasons that have nothing to do with the stomach. And keep yourself busy to get pleasure from other things, like sports and friendship, “said Roth.