The Reason Why You Must Have Fish in Your Family Menu


fish omega 3People should begin to serve fish at the family table at least twice a week.

Various studies mention the tremendous benefits of this seafood. The content of omega 3 in fish is very beneficial for healthy bones, joints, heart and skin.

According to Female First, a study stated that 80 percent of fish consumption of UK residents does not fit what is suggested. Less intake of fish makes 95 percent of the population of the UK population lack polyunsaturated fatty acids which are healthy fats in fish.

Nearly half of people in England admit that they only eat fish once a month. Yet nearly 70 percent of people admit that they know it’s good for their health.

“We know that fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids are very beneficial for health, but many people do not like fish and find it difficult to prepare a special dish,” says Dr Mary Selby.

Instead, many people choose to consume fish oil supplements. This might be the best way to meet the needs of omega 3 fatty acids for those who do not like to eat fresh fish.

A poll conducted by Bioglan, a provider of fish oil supplements found that nearly a quarter of British people rarely eat fish because they do not like the smell and taste.

In fact, the UK Food Standards Agency recommends consumption of fish at least twice a week because the body is unable to produce Omega 3. Taking supplements instead will help to meet the needs of Omega 3 contained in fish.

Gary Snook, General Manager of Bioglan, said that Bioglan marketing team realized that many consumers who do not like the fishy smell and taste of fresh fish. “So we developed an innovative fish oil coated with super enteric that release important Omega 3 in the intestine instead of the the stomach.”