The reason why you should not drink while eating


drink while eatingSipping water during dining seems harmless, it can also help swallow food. But do you know that the drinking water in the middle of a meal can be bad for digestion and health?

Macrobiotic counselor Shonali Sabherwal explains that drinking while eating can inhibit digestion and increase insulin levels quickly. This of course can be dangerous, especially if you are a diabetic or have digestive diseases.

“Some people do not know how wrong this practice is and what effects it has on their digestion. When the body begins to receive food, the digestive system release digestive juices. If you drink water at the same time, you will be diluting the digestive juices and hinder its performance,” said Sabherwal, as reported by the Times of India (29/07).

Research shows that drinking a little water during meals may not be a problem, but drinking a glass or two glasses of water can inhibit digestion. It is better to drink water two hours before or after a meal. This will help the digestive process and the body to absorb nutrients from food.

Incoming water during meals will be absorbed by the stomach wall. This continues until the water runs out. After that, re-issuing the digestive system to digest food liquids, but is thinner so it will inhibit digestion.

In addition, it can also lead to increased acid and heartburn. Not only that, drinking water during meals also increase insulin levels in the blood and causes the body to accumulate fat faster.

To prevent drinking water while eating, Shaberwal recommend that you do not eat foods that are too salty. Salty foods will make you thirsty and want to drink water. Also, do not eat in haste so that your food is not stuck in your throat. This will make the job easier when the stomach digest food.