The Right Exercises To Lose Weight


cycling to lose weightBesides diet, what efforts have you done to create a sexy body? Even exercising in a long periods sometimes does not guarantee you could lose weight.

It could be that the exercise you choose is not enough to burn calories. Ideally, the maximum physical exercise is a combination of cardio and toning. Both will make you slim while at the same time build muscle properly. Here are four options of exercise you can choose.

1. Aerobic = 800 cal / hour
This is the most appropriate exercise for weight loss programs. The target is forming your leg, hips, and thigh muscles. These could said as the dream target of many women. You can do it an hour a day in two sessions. Significant results can be seen within just two weeks.

2. Cycling = 500-1000 cal / hour
Depending on how fast you pedal. This is a calorie-burning workout that is quite successful. Its fun, practical, and deliver real results. If you do not have much time to ride in the morning, you can do it by using cycling equipments at home, after work.

3. Swimming = 800 cal / hour
It seems that no one feels lazy to do this exercise. Swimming pool and a slim body is like a strong bond. Take time for an hour to burn calories quickly, as well as train the muscles throughout the body. You can continue with sauna, to maximize combustion simultaneously relax the body after exercise.

4. Running = 800 cal / hour
Running is the most effective cardio exercises to lose weight. It also can form sexy thighs and legs. You do not need to practice too hard, jogging already helps burn enough calories.