The Safe Sex Position During Pregnancy


Safe Sex Position During Pregnancy Health TipsYou and your partner will probably feel the changes in your sex drive during pregnancy. Some women will find it very easily aroused, others will find it very less passionate. The second condition is quite normal. From the month to month, week to week, your body will change shape, nausea would come suddenly, and dizziness, are just not a combination that could make you feel sexy and passionate. On the other hand, many women  feel the need to feel pampered and admired by her partner because the same cause, so find it easier to initiate sex more.

The same goes for the men. There are some men who feel more attracted to her partner’s body shape during pregnancy. Others feel uncomfortable due to thinking about your condition and the baby who is in you. The only way to overcome this problem is to discuss with a partner. In fact,  having sex during pregnancy could make a couple even closer.

Here are a few comfortable position to try :

Two Spoons
Lie side by side, with the men behind the woman. Light penetration in this position can provide comfort.

High Ride
This position is like the ‘woman on top’ position, there’s no pressure on the abdominal area. This position is quite popular among pregnant women. In this position, the woman controls the strength and depth of the penetration.

Comfort on the Comforter
To perform this position, the woman is asked to sit on the edge of a bed, then lay down, let the feet still touch the floor. While the position of the men is standing on the edge of the bed.

Loving In The Living Room
For this position, a bench is needed. The woman facing the bench, while holding the top of the bench to refute his own weight, can also raise one or both legs to the bench. the man penetrates from behind.