The secret for longevity


Some say that dogs are man’s best friend. It may be true, but it turns out that there are other benefits of keeping pets, which extend the life of its owner.

That is the first secret of longevity. Because rather than have a lot of possessions, petsare¬† considered more capable of making someone happy. The happiness that ultimately have an impact on a person’s age.

All of this was precisely delivered by researchers from Harvard Medical School. According to them, in addition to pets, a happy married life and having lots of good friends are the main secrets of happiness that can prolong life. It is now clear that money may not buy happiness.

“You should also change the perception of happiness can prolong life. The exact words actually is emotional intelligence, relationships, connections, and durability,” says researcher George Vaillant, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

In conclusion, having a loving family is very important. Especially if you want to live a long life. Other than that, friends also contribute to the happiness you feel.

Meanwhile, the role of a pet will at least keep you active. So that your physical and mental abilities will also be maintained. As a result, the risk of disease will decrease and gives you the chance to live longer.