The Sensation of Cycling In a Bathtub


For you sports junkies, you should already know that cycling is one of the right exercises to lose weight. Now there is a new method of cycling style which is cycling in a bathtub. Not only is it beneficial to burn calories, but it can also help get rid of cellulite.

The bike that is designed inside a bathtub, is named the FitWet, marketed by a company based in Florida. This could be a new tool that helps exercise lovers to get an athletic body shape without having to spend a lot of sweat like a regular exercise bike.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, this tool was deliberately created, adopting the lifestyle of the community that varies. Now, with FitWet, you can do exercising of cycling while taking a bath at the same time.

Although it sounds strange and unusual, with FitWet, you can get many unique benefits. The sports equipment manufacturer claims, FitWet offers 12 times more intense than regular cycling activities. Cycling in the water, they said, can help users avoid fatigue.

In addition, the company claims that pedaling in the water can also provide massage like sensation. It is also believed to be able to scrape cellulite.

Like other bikes, FitWet also has a target to tighten the muscles of the lower body, offers exercises for quadriceps and buttocks, with general overall benefit for heart health.

“Sweating in the water makes it possible to regulate body temperature and it is refreshing,” says FitWet.

“This exercise is heavier than usual cycling exercise but it gives the sensation of relaxation and well-being.”

The difficulty of riding a bike in the water, allowing users to maximize efforts and allow them to try to improve muscle balance. Participation of leg, body, arm, and back muscles would not want to make users work harder by using this tool.

“While paddling in the air burns a maximum of 400 cal per hour for the user in perfect physical condition, and produce sweat, pain and articular problems. But pedaling in the water makes it possible to avoid all the trouble, and burn more calories, 800 cal per hour even for beginners. ”

Cycling is also known for its ability to lower blood pressure naturally.

Apart from the benefits, the technology of this tool also uses touch screen technology with LEDs, drink holder, a heart rate monitor and calorie counter.

For you exercise lovers, of course, this tool is interesting to try.