The Side Effect of Contact Lens

Eyes need oxygen to work properly. Lack of oxygen will not only cause dry eyes by it can also cause corneal swelling and visually impaired.

Oxygen deficiency occurs in susceptible eyes on contact lens users. Moreover, many contact lens users who do not pay more attention of the rules of use.

As many as nine out of 10 contact lens users wear it 10 hours a day. This can cause symptoms of oxygen deficiency on the eye. The symptoms are generally characterized by an uncomfortable sight. In contact lens users, usually characterized by itchy eyes, red, watery, and the visually impaired.

That is the characteristic of dry eye due to lack of oxygen. Do not think that many tears means you are getting enough oxygen. If you allowed this condition to continue you will experience an acute shortage of oxygen, and it can cause corneal injuries and cause of blindness.

In addition, the low oxygen in the eye can trigger the growth of bacteria, so it’s easier to stick in the contact lens and it would lead to irritation.

Therefore, for contact lens users, you should remember that the use of soft lens can not be longer than 10 hours, may only be worn during the day and never use it while sleeping.

Lack of oxygen to the eye is also vulnerable happens to those who often work in front of the computer, and in the air conditioned space. Also those who do activities with exposure of smoke, like cigarette smoke.

If you will something unusual and inconvenience in the eyes, then pay more attention on it. Because this could be a signal that there is a serious problem in your eyes.Go to the doctor immediately, to check your eye’s health.

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