The use of cell phones can cause these 8 health damages


The use of cell phones can cause these 8 health damages

Technology and gadgets are not easy to be separated from your life today. Almost 24 hours of direct contact with these technology without you knowing it could have a negative impact on health, especially because of cell phone radiation that you always carry everywhere.

Here are the health damage that can be caused by the use of cell phones:

Often feel stressed without knowing the cause? Experts have found that cell phone use can cause stress without you knowing it. Because when contacting with the phone, you will automatically engage in social networks that do not allow you to rest.

Your cell phone is always covered with bacteria that can cause acne when you put it on your face when you’re on the phone. Use speakerphone or a headset when you are engaging in a lengthy phone conversation.

Organ damage
Radiation emitted by cell phones could damage your body’s cells and organs. So turn off your cell phone when you’re sleeping to minimize the bad effects.

Sometimes though while running or even driving, you absolutely can not get away from your phone. This behavior can reduce your ability to focus. Therefore, do not ever use a phone while driving or running.

Back and neck pain
Using a cell phone with bad posture can lead to stiffness in your neck and back. So you also can not be avoided from the pain.

Reducing the number of sperm
Radiation from cell phones as well as hot temperatures can interfere with your reproductive health and ultimately damage the sperm production.

Staring at the phone for too long can cause eye strain which can obscure your view and cause migraines.

Difficulty in sleeping
Melatonin is a hormone that can make you sleep. These hormones can be disrupted because of cell phone radiation. Therefore always switch off your phone while sleeping.

Technology is created to allow you to move not to dominate your life. You should therefore be wise in using your cell phone.