The use of sunblocks makes men infertile?


The use of sunblocks makes men infertile

Sunlight is healthy because it is able to give an injection of vitamin D in your body. However sun rays that are very hot in fact is capable of endangering the health of the skin. That is why you are advised to apply sunblock or sunscreen to protect the body from sunlight.

Not only women, men also currently also pay more attention to the health and care of their bodies. So there are many men who apply sunscreen to their skin.

However, a study from found that it turns out that the use of the cream can make a man infertile.

“We found that the chemicals in sunscreen as BP-2 or 4OH-BP is able to reduce up to 30% of male fertility. In addition besides being found in sunscreen, these chemicals are also typically used in shampoos, moisturizers, and cosmetics other aims to protect skin and hair from the sun, “explains Dr. Germaine Louis, from the same institution.

“Interestingly, this is not the case in women. The content of these chemicals do not have an impact on fertility. In the meantime we are still researching about the chemical relationship with a man’s body structure that causes why male fertility could be disrupted.”