There Are More Autistic Children in South Korea than in the U.S.


autistic childChildren in South Korea shows higher characteristics of autism than children in the United States. In the country, the characteristic of autism was found in one of 38 children.

The researchers observed the children in general and more widely to find a higher level of autism characteristic. They also never thought that South Korea have an average autism rate higher than the United States. In the United States there is an average of one in 100 children.

Two-thirds of children in the study had never been diagnosed previously and had not received any special treatment. Many are not diagnosed may have mild social disorder rather than autism.

“They’re not new kids who suddenly appear. They have been there, but not counted in previous prevalence studies,” said Dr. Young Shin Kim, co-author of the Yale Child Study Center, according to AP

Another expert questioned whether these children need special care. “Maybe some can take advantage of intervention, but I think we all have the same benefits,” said Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Development Disabilities.

The researchers filter out 55 thousand school children aged 7-12 years in the district of Goyang City, near Seoul. Only two-thirds of the mainstream children who participated and 63 percent of parents fill out a survey. The researchers say parents who have children with autism characterized will tend to fill in the survey. The study is published in the American Journal of Psychiatry last Monday

Those who screened positive to be autistic characterized were then tested further. Only a few of the children completed the entire process of diagnosis. Nonetheless, researchers still are able to use the findings to estimate the percentage of these autistic characteristic. As a result, about 2.6 percent of the population has a characteristic of autism. Higher than in the United States estimated only 1 percent.

Yeargin-Allsopp said the study lasted five years. According to him, the United States government approach enables faster and more sustainable results.