There is No Evidence that High Heels Causes Migraines


high heels do not cause migraineWearing high heels for a long period can cause various problems for the body. Recently it is said that high heels can trigger a migraine. Is this true?

“I’ve been treating headaches for almost 50 years, and I’ve never seen high heels as the cause of a headache or migraine,” says Dr. Seymour Diamond as chief executive of the National Headache Foundation, according to Time.

High heels are generally used on special and important occasions. When using high heels, it could be that someone is at the same time experiencing anxiety or stress that triggers the migraine. But until now there is no scientific or biological evidence that explains that high heels can trigger a migraine.

But people are advised not to use high heels if they are having a migraine, because during migraine, body balance is  generally disrupted so can cause people to fall.

Using high heels more than 2 inches could disrupt the balance of the body, tilting the pelvis and make the back a little forward, so that it puts pressure on your back.

When migraine occurs, a person will experience pain in one part of the brain that can weaken a person’s condition and prevent the body from functioning properly. If the condition is intense it can make it sensitive to sound and light.

Some things that are known to trigger migraines are caffeine, bright lights, certain foods as well as psychological conditions like stress and depression.

Migraine is a complex neurological (nerve) disorder. If the condition is severe, migraine can make a person unable to think clearly and unable to move, because any movement can exacerbate the pain they experience.