These are the harmful effects of bullying on children’s mental health


harmful effects of bullying on children's mental healthDo not think that bullying affects only happens when a child experience it. Recent studies reveal that the effects of bullying can last long, even years, on the victim’s mental and physical state.

The study found that acts of bullying cause bad impact on children’s health. Bullying is also associated with mental and physical health that continues to decline. Children will be more susceptible to depression and low self-esteem.

The study also revealed that the ability of the brain of children who experience bullying recently is worse than children who are victims of bullying in the past. While children who have long been the victims of bullying, for example for more than a year, suffered the  worse effect, as reported by Live Science.

“The effects of bullying is like a rolling snow ball,” said lead researcher Laura Bogart of the Boston Children’s Hospital.

These results were found after researchers conducted a survey on 4,300 school students in Los Angeles, Houston, and Birmingham. They sort out which students often experience bullying and found out their physical and mental health. Researchers found that students who had never experienced bullying have good mental health.

Bullying leaves ‘wound’ in the child’s mental health, even if the act occurred in the past. So is if the act of bullying is done many times. Victims of bullying do not only experience problems with their mental condition, but also physical condition as they often experience abdominal pain broken bones, injuries, or pain.

Researchers also advise parents to always supervise their children from bullying behavior. Parents should establish a strong communication bond with their child, and do not overlook some signs such as anxiety when going to school, children who do not want to go to school, or a child who looks sad and stressful.

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