These Bad Habits Can be Dangerous for Health


dangerous bad habitToo busy for breakfast? Often feeling too sleepy to remove contact lenses? This may sound trivial. But if it becomes a habit, it can be very harmful for your health.

Avoid the following four bad habits that can be very dangerous for health, according to Prevention.

1. Forgetting to remove contact lenses while sleeping
Leaving the lenses remain attached during sleep can hamper the flow of oxygen to the cornea. While oxygen is essential to maintain corneal health.

“When you close your eyes for hours during sleeping while wearing contact lenses, it is even worse,” said Thomas L. Steinemann, MD, a professor of ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University.

A study of 557 contact lens users in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the likelihood of developing bacterial infections, for use contact lenses at bedtime is 1 in 2,500.

2. Not removing makeup when sleeping
Leaving makeup on the face while sleeping, will trigger the growth of blackheads, pimples and even severe skin inflammation. While for eye makeup that is not immediately cleaned may irritate the eyes and cause tremendous pain due to corneal abrasion. So make sure you always clean up your makeup before bed.

3. Always wearing high heels
The body does look taller and legs appear more level when you wear the stilettos. But high heels are not to be worn every day. Do not let your foot bones got a serious problem in the future. Occasionally wear flat shoes or wedges model to rest the foot.

4. Biting nails
Having a habit of biting nails brings disadvantages. Not only does it make your nails look bad, but it also can make you catch a disease. When biting your nails, it would be easy for bacteria on the nail to be attached in the mouth and then swallowed.