These foods makes your stomach more fat


Processed meat

If you ‘re trying to lose weight, you should avoid some foods that are actually makes your belly bigger. What are they? Listen directly as quoted from Care2 below.

1. Artificial sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners can be found in soda or diet soda. Sweetener used still makes your belly fat.

2. White sugar
This food is very high in calories. In it there are not any vitamins and minerals. So pay close attention to the food you consume.

3. Cheese
This dairy product contains quite a lot of fat and a little difficult to digest. If consumed in excess, the body will have difficulty digesting cheese.

4. Bakery products
Bakery products which uses white bread flour as the base material should be avoided. In addition, other ingredients that are added to the bread, such as sugars and starches, have a role in making your belly fat.

5. French fries
In addition to full- cholesterol and high -fat, potatoes also make your body fat when consumed.

6. Alcohol
Alcohol consumption can increase stress hormones and block the performance of the body in burning fat.

7. White carbohydrates
Usually white carbohydrates is found in white rice, pasta, and white bread. They can make you fat because they contain high glycemic index .

8. Fat
There are two kinds of fat contained in food, good and bad fats . You should choose to consume good fats and avoid bad fats. Examples of sources of bad fats is dry fried foods.

9. Processed foods
Processed food is famous for its high calorie and almost has no nutrients at all. One study even mentions that the consumption of processed foods is associated with the risk of depression.

10. Processed meat
In addition to processed foods, processed meat – such as bacon , sausage , hot dogs – are dishes that also makes the stomach more bloated, rising cholesterol, and increase blood pressure.