These habits can slowly damage health of the body


smoking damage your bodyYou often think that eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise is the basic key to maintaining the health of your body. Therefore when you have done this, then you feel you no longer need to pay attention to habits or routines that you normally do.

Though you are not aware, the following are habits that can damage your body as reported from boldsky.

1 . Smoking
Whether passive or active, smoking is a habit that cause harm to your health. Therefore, stop smoking from now on so that you can avoid the problem of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and oral health problems.

2 . Glued to the computer screen
Glued in front of a computer screen or laptop for more than 12 hours each day can increase the risk of premature death. So, use your time wisely while working at the computer.

3 . Skipping meals
Skipping meals because of being busy is what you normally do. But this habit can actually harm your health and lead to an increase in weight drastically.

4 . Waking up too late
Do you have a habit to turn off the alarm and then sleep again? It turns out that this habit can have a negative impact on the health of your body. More than 9-10 hours of sleep per day can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Do you often perform the above activities? Well, you should stop for the sake of your health.

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