Things That Can Aggravate Sinus


Sinus is a condition that could make someone feel uncomfortable and experience difficulty in breathing. For that reason, you should know a few things that can cause pain and aggravate sinus.

Sinusitis is the medical term for inflammation of the sinuses, which is a small channel containing air cavity inside the throat. Each sinus is covered by sensitive tissue that covers the inside of the nose.

This layer will release mucus into the nose to help keep nasal passages moist, as well as ensuring dust, allergens and other pollutants are not trapped to enter the lungs.

“Unfortunately the constant changes in environment can make a person more susceptible to sinus that could affect how the nose works,” said Dr. Andrew Meredith, ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist from Benenden Hospital in Cranbrook, Kentucky, according to the Dailymail.

Well, here are some things that can trigger or aggravate sinus pain.

Most sinus infections start with a cold. In this case the virus irritate sensitive tissues so that it become inflamed and hinder the work of drainage holes (ostia) so mucus can not flow into the nose.

Dr. Meredith said that if there is mucus that contains a wrong mixture of germs, it can cause infection. Symptoms may include fever, throbbing pain when moving head, fatigue, bad breath and no sense of pressure in the ear. This condition is usually overcome by taking painkillers and decongestants.

About 1 in 20 people who are allergic to perfume has a problem with sinus. This is because the chemicals in perfumes can irritate and penetrate the soft tissue lining the sinuses and lead to swelling.

In some cases, acute sinusitis can lead to the formation of small meat in the nose or sinuses, called polyps. These conditions inhibit the work of the sinus and create the right conditions for bacterial infections. To overcome this problem, you can use a nasal spray can or surgery, depending on the size of meat growing.

The use of central air conditioning
This triggers a dry indoor condition, thereby reducing the amount of mucus produced and will lead to inflammation of the sinus lining. Mucus accumulates in the sinus spaces and the opportunity for bacteria to breed that cause infection.

Chlorine compounds used to disinfect swimming pools and the bacteria that exists can cause sinus problems. This is because chlorine can affect the delicate membranes in the nose. Use a nose ‘clip’ to reduce the amount of chlorine entering the sinuses.

Gum infection
If the upper jaw tooth is infected then the bacteria can hide in the bone structure of the teeth and sinuses. In the other hand infected sinuses can also cause pain in healthy teeth. Mucus that accumulates in the sinuses will put pressure on the teeth in the jaw that causes pain when chewing. Doctors often call this a sinus toothache.