Things You Could do to Avoid Baldness


how to avoid baldnessGood news for men. Scientists have discovered the cause of baldness. Namely, the existence of genes that lead to failure of production and development of hair cells.

However, unfortunately scientists have not managed to find effective methods for treating baldness.

According to a research, men play a major role of genes that cause hair loss. Men sometimes do not realize their daily habits can accelerate hair loss, which becomes the cause of baldness.

Experts in the UK revealed habits which triggers hair loss, and the simple steps to help cope with hair loss, according to Dailymail.

Have breakfast
Hair consists of keratin, a substance that would give strength to the hair. Too little protein (fish, meat, red, egg, chicken) affects the levels of keratin, your hair will lose power and stop growing, says Philip Kingsley, trichologist consultant.

“Breakfast is the most important meal schedule to improve your hair follicles,” he said.

Do not brush too hard
This can hurt your scalp and pull the hair root, it can even damage the hair follicle. It is important to treat your scalp gently while shampooing. Never pull the hair with a comb, said Dr. Bessam Farjo, hair restoration surgeon in Manchester, England.

The emergence of dandruff, eczema or dermatitis (characterized by disorders of the scalp, such as itchy or scaly) will usually be associated with hair loss. The emergence of disturbances that trigger inflammation, which has a bad effect on hair follicles.

Do not dye your hair
There is some evidence of the use of materials made from petroleum hair dye can block hair follicles. In addition, it causes hair to stop growing, says Jimmy Campbell, hairdressers in London. This is especially true if the hair dye used continuously for a long time.

Having excess hormones in men may not sound bad, but testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can have adverse effects on certain parts of the hair follicle, says Philip Kingsley.

They seep into the hair shaft and causes depletion, then makes hair look unhealthy and the hair will stop growing.

This tends to occur in men who are experiencing stress. Their bodies will produce excess hormones and most likely will experience hair loss.

Increase your intake of iron
Iron deficiency can also cause hair loss. If you do not have enough iron, the ferritin level will go down (ferritin is a molecule that stores iron in the body and release in a controlled manner). This in turn will interfere with normal hair growth cycle and increase hair loss.

Consumption of iron-rich foods, such as red meat, dark green vegetables, nuts, and fruits, will help you reduce hair loss.

Stop smoking
A new research published in the journal Archives of Dermatology showed that in addition to causing cancer and heart disease, smoking can also make hair fall out.

It is estimated that, besides causing damage to peripheral blood vessels in the body, smoking can also damage the blood supply to hair follicles. Another effect which is going to affect the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

So, if you really want to prevent hair loss, stop smoking.