Things You Must Avoid If You Want to Get Pregnant


getting pregnantDeciding to become pregnant can be exciting but can also make a woman stress. Especially, if the fertilization process does not happen quickly.

For the sake of getting a baby, many couples spend months to follow pregnancy courses. Although already took drugs or vitamins from the doctor, you also need to know habits that you should avoid when planning a pregnancy. All are equally important, so that your plan to get pregnant can be realized.

Well, here are things you must avoid if you want to get pregnant, according to ModernMom.

Strict Diet
Do not ever do a strict diet when you want to get pregnant, because the diet that you do can affect health and can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. According to a research, women who strictly reduce calories may experience infertility problems because they do not get balanced nutrition.

Intake of nutrients such as vitamin B12, iron, zinc and folic acid needs to be met to plan a successful pregnancy. If you still want to go on a diet, you should select a balanced diet that includes nutritional items, such as grains, vegetables, lean meats, low fat dairy products and fresh fruits.

Excessive exercise
Exercising too hard can affect the ability of ovaries to produce eggs. For women who plan to become pregnant, they are advised not to exercise more than seven hours each week, because it can reduce your chances of ovulation.

Choose a mild exercise like walking, swimming and yoga. Avoid activities that make you feel tired and breathless.

This habit can reduce your chance of getting pregnant. Cigarettes can also fight the beneficial effects of fertility treatment. Smoke during pregnancy may also increase the risk of miscarriage. Encourage your husband and other people around you to give up this dangerous habit, and one other important thing, avoid cigarette smoke during pregnancy and when planning a pregnancy.

Alcohol consumption
Planning a pregnancy often makes people stressful. However, try not to consume alcohol when pregnancy program is in progress.