This food label translates calories into walking distance


Label makananVarious studies have mentioned that reading food labels can help a person lose weight. But how about those who remain lazy to read the nutrition labels on food?

Researchers also found the answer to the problem. Through a recent research, they presented a food label breakthrough that could translate calories into walking distance.

That is, the amount of calories from the food consumed will burn out if someone walks a distance or within a specific time that is written on the label.

A total of 802 respondents were included in this study. Researchers from the University of North Carolina also provides four different diets for respondent. The first is a menu without food labels, and menus with food labels and menus with food labels and walking distance, last is food labels and menus as well as walking distance.

As a result, respondents who sees the menu without labels ordered food as much as 1,020 calories. But those who looked at the menu with labels and distance running, just ordered 826 calories.

Although the difference is a relatively small amount of calories, but the researchers are optimistic that the labeling of foods that have more detail motivates respondents to limit calorie intake.

“The next step is to try to implement calorie food labeling that translates into walking distance to the real situation,” said Sunaina Dowray, head researcher, as quoted by Scientific American.

The results of these studies were reported in the Appetite journal.