This girl drinks 3 liters of milk every day to survive


Drinking milk before bed might be a reasonable thing to do for a child age nine. But Holly Lindley is different. This girl has to drink six pints (about three liters) of milk every night to survive living.

Holly has a rare disease called glycogen storage disease (GSD). This disease causes Holly’¬†body¬† unable to convert food into energy. Therefor, Holly must continue to be supervised and given food every time so that she does not run out of energy.

The disease is relatively rare and there is only one in every three million people who suffers the disease. Because the disease can not be cured, Holly has to drink six glasses of milk mixed with cornstarch every day.

Holly was diagnosed with GSD since the age of two, when she suddenly collapsed at her home. Her blood pressure was very low and could be fatal.

When growing up, Holly will need more energy. So that certainly in the future Holly needs to consume more milk and foods such as chocolate.

“Once we had to go in and out of the hospital because her situation could be very dangerous. Yet after four years, we know what we have to do and we’re used to it,” said Shaw, Holly’s mother, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The state of her body made Holly embarrassed and did not want to drink milk in front of her friends when they stayed over or during camping. But once understood, now she’s no longer ashamed of her friends.

“We have to do a test occasionally to see Holly’s energy levels is secure. Yet I hope in the future, she is able to recognize herself and know when to eat food to maintain her health,” said Shaw.