This Granny Can Only See When She Sings


A grandmother from England, Moira Gleed, has a medical condition that is quite unique. Both of the 66-year-old grandmother’s eyes are always closed so she can not see anything, unless while she is singing.

Gleed suffers from a condition called focal dystonia, which forces her eyes to be closed. But when singing, she can see as usual.

To the Daily Mirror, Gleed said, “Before experience it, my eyes become very red and inflamed. It felt itchy and painful.”

Then, Gleed realized that it gets harder for her to control the movement of her eyelids. “My eyelids can only be forced to open using my fingers. It was very terrible.”

Because of her illness, profession was forced to release her career as a consultant and could not drive her own car. Incidentally, she found a ‘cure’ of the disease. “At a choir practice, I sang my heart and suddenly realized I could see,” she said.

Though surprised by her ability to open her eyes while singing, Gleed have to continue to receive botox injections every 10 weeks. She also walks with a cane and glasses.