This is the danger of having an enemy for your health

This is the danger of having an enemy for your health

In a social life, it can not be denied that in addition to having friend, you also have enemies. Although you do not want it, but often an enemy suddenly comes without you knowing it. In addition to having a negative impact on social life, it is proved that having an enemy is also able to endanger the health of your body.

According to, a health study says that having an enemy is able to provide excess pressure on your blood pressure.

“Every person has a blood pressure that is different and will react depending on the activity, physical health, as well as including your interaction with others. When you meet with enemies or people you do not like, then you will experience stress which results in increased blood pressure, “said Julianne Holt-Lunstad of Brigham Young University in Utah.

In addition to these factors, concerns that arise when you meet with an enemy can also increase stress.

“Not many people know that a network of friends and enemies is able to interfere with health. Therefore, when you feel that your friendship environmental harms you, then you should leave the environment although it is difficult at first. This step is better done than risking your health to be compromised,” he advised .

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