This is the danger of too frequent having manicures

This is the danger of too frequent having manicures

Having a wonderful appearance from head to toe is most desirable by women. So women are always doing their best to make their appearance look charming to the smallest part of the body including the nails. Therefore treatments of manicures and pedicures are usually done by women and even men these days.

But did you know that in fact there is a health hazard that is hidden behind manicures?

A study reported by found that this beauty treatment is able to interfere with normal nail growth.

“When you do a manicure, there are several treatments that may require you to cut nails, and form it into various shapes for the sake of beauty. In fact, this kind of treatment can damage the health of the nail and cause the nail to become stressed. As a result, your nails can grow in, curved like a spoon, crack and even break, “said study leader Cyril Raunch from the University of Nottingham. “chemicals in the manicure treatment makes nails lose their natural nutrients.”

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