This is the most correct way to clean your ears


cotton bud and baby oil

The ear is one of the five senses that must be kept clean. If your ears are dirty and full of bacteria, of course it could bring a wide range of dangerous infections that can adversely affect the health and even disrupt the balance of your body. However, because the ear has a unique shape, of course, the cleaning process can not be done without care.

The most common way to clean the ear is to use a cotton bud. However, based on research, this method actually makes earwax enters deeper and become trapped inside. Besides that it is also risky because you could damage your eardrum. Neurotologist Erika Woodson, MD of the Head and Neck Institute, Cleveland, Ohio also encourage you to use baby oil when cleaning your ears.

“Cleaning the ear using baby oil is the most secure way and is able to soften and remove earwax. Pour baby oil into the ear, let it be for a few moments, and then lie at an angle to remove the dirt. Perform routine every week to get maximum cleanliness of your ear, ” she explained. “In addition, make sure also that you use baby oil that is clean and sterile. So there is no bacterial contamination entering the ear.”

Ear wax is created with the aim to capture the bacteria that enters the ear. Therefore, you must treat it with care for the health and hygiene of your ears.