This is What Happens if a Child Lack Sleeping


sleepy childSleep deprivation is one factor that triggers aggressive behavior in children. Based on a study, children who like to persecute other children probably experience lack of sleep each day, including naps.

In a research conducted by scientists from the University of Michigan Medical School, it was found that children who make trouble at school is believed to have breathing difficulties during sleep or feeling  sleepy during the day. These children have two times more problems than children who have enough hours of sleep.

“What this research is doing is increasing the likelihood that less sleep, for whatever reason, could lead to persecution or other aggressive behavior that is a major problem in school,” said Louise O’Brien, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan’s Sleep Disorders Center, according to yahoohealth.

When studying elementary school students who causes problems, scientists concluded that difficulty in breathing during sleep, such as snoring and stopped breathing for a moment, can cause drowsiness in the daytime. Another reason for fatigue in children includes the home environment which are not well organized, such as the placement of television, telephones, and computers in the bedroom.

How to improve the sleep quality of children, as suggested by the researchers, is to move televisions, telephones, and computers from a child’s bedroom. Also, encourage children to get a good sleep hours without interruption, which is 11-13 hours each night for preschoolers and 10-11 hours for school-aged children. Getting enough sleep is a major priority in the household.