This is what happens if you eat while watching TV


eat while watching TVIf you’re watching TV, you should avoid various types of foods or snacks there. Because the latest research says that a person who likes to eat while watching TV, playing games, or reading, makes them consume more calories.

“Several studies have demonstrated similar things, but the evidence is still very rare,” said lead author of the study, Eric Robinson of the University of Liverpool, according to Today Health (18/03).

Causes of excessive calorie consumption is then described by the researchers. According to them, eating while doing other activities, such as watching TV, reduce a person’s concentration and focus. As a result, a person is unconscious and seems to forget how much food they had eaten.

The bad news is not just when eating while watching TV alone someone’s consumption increases by 10 percent. For the next few hours, someone will also increase their calorie intake as much as 25 percent more.

If accustomed, such activities could eventually lead to weight gain, and even childhood obesity.

Researchers also suggests that eating while watching TV should be avoided. But if you are able to control food intake and focus on calorie intake, it is not a problem.