This is what happens to your body when you are angry!


This is what happens to your body when you are angry

Although all people sometime feels angry, but anger is an emotion that is actually complicated and can affect various parts of the body differently. Are you including as a person who is explosive when angry and often experience anger? It also affects how anger affects the body.

Anger is a natural emotion, but it can negatively affect the body. Anger has a different spectrum, ranging from mild frustration, upset, to angry outbursts. Not only affects the emotions, anger also affects your brain. The part of the brain that will respond in advance when you are angry is the amygdala. Amygdala responds to emotions and instincts associated with fear, stress, and feeling threatened.

When you feel angry, blood will flow directly to the frontal cortex and reduces the ability to think rationally. The result can be profitable, but it can also harm you. Therefore, when feeling angry, many people do not act rationally and eventually regret it. When feeling angry, you should count from one to ten before acting, because the brain’s ability to think rationally is not optimal.

Furthermore, the effect of anger will cause the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and stress hormones, namely cortisol. Then the blood that normally flows to the stomach and intestines will change direction to the muscles and prepare your body to fight. Because of this, sometimes a person can do things that are out of their physical ability when they are angry.

When feeling angry, the blood pressure will also increase, body temperature increase, breathing rate and heart rate also increases, and the pupils will be dilated. This all happens to your body when feeling angry at one time. What if you often get angry? In the long term these things will damage the heart and your mental health.

Your anger will not only affect people around you. Anger would damage your health more severe than for the people around you. Since you are now informed, you should for now on learn to control you anger. If you are having problems with emotional control, you might consider contacting a therapist who can help you.