This is What is in the Brain of People who Easily Convince Others


brain thinkHumans can die at any moment, but their ideas will always be remembered for all time. The spread of ideas in a creative process that involves the brain had only vaguely understood. Now, scientists are trying to uncover what is actually in the process of it.

Psychologists at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) studied how someone could successfully spread an idea or notion. In a report published in the Psychological Science journal, researchers looked at how the mapping of brain regions are related to the creative process that happens.

“Before this study, we did not know where in the brain regions is associated with the transmission of ideas. Nor do we know what areas that affect a person to be be an effective communicator,” said the researcher, Emily Falk as reported by Health24, Tuesday (9 / 7/2013).

First of all, as many as 19 students at UCLA were a median age of 21 years underwent fMRI brain scans while hearing and seeing 24 television programs that have not been widely aired. All of the participants were asked to imagine themselves as an apprentice in the television office.

They are in charge of recommending shows you just watched to the producer. Meanwhile, another group consisting of 79 students of UCLA with the same age required role as a ‘producer’. They were asked to watch a video assessment of an intern and then make their own judgment.

The result, researchers found that highly successful apprentice persuade producers undergo activation in brain regions called the temporoparietal junction (TPJ). When they first saw the television program shows that they are interested in, they immediately recommend it.

TJP activation on these people are a lot more than an apprentice who are less able to persuade the producer. Activation was also greater than when viewing unwelcome┬áimpressions. Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as ‘the salesperson effect‘.

“It is the only region in the brain that show this effect. Initially we thought the brain regions associated with memory would show more activation, but it did not happen,” said Matthew Lieberman, UCLA associate professor of psychology and psychiatry.

Researchers found that an increase in activity that occurred in the TPJ area is associated with an increased ability to convince other people to agree with their favorite ideas.

TPJ region is located on the outer surface of the brain. This area is included in the section known as the network of brain mental functioning to think what other people think or feel. Besides TJP, this mental network includes dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, located in the central part of the brain.

“As soon as you hear a good joke, you think, ‘Who do I tell this joke and I can not tell?’ Making this decision will enable the two brain regions. Activation of both these areas makes us want to tell others, “said Lieberman.