This it what causes nosebleeds in adults!


nosebleeds in adultsNosebleeds, or in medical terms is called epistaxis, bleeding in the nose occurs when releasing blood through the nostrils. In most cases, nosebleeds generally goes out of the nasal septum, but some also goes out more in the nose section. Although nosebleeds look scary, most of the conditions that cause nosebleeds are not so serious or life-threatening. Here are the causes of nosebleeds are often experienced by adults, as reported by Livestrong.

Nasal fracture

Nasal fracture occurs when physical trauma causes damage to the nose cartilage in the nose. Nasal fractures usually occur as a result of injury during exercise, a fall or accident. Immediately after the accident, the pain will be coursed through your nose. Then the nose starts to bleed, and you will find it difficult to breathe. The inside and outside of the nose then swells and bruises appear under and around the eyes, this is according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

Deviated septum

Nasal septum is the thin wall that separates the nasal cavity into two parts. In the ideal case, the nasal septum divides the nose into two equal spaces. Those with a septum deviated nasal septum that has tilted to one side of the nose, which makes it one of the smaller nose than the others. Deviated septum can appear at birth or may develop later in life as a result of injury to the nose. Deviated septum symptoms include nosebleeds, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, recurrent sinus infections, and noisy sound of breathing during sleep, this is according to

Von Willebrand disease

Blood contains a protein called a coagulation factor that allows the blood to clot to stop the bleeding. If one of these proteins is missing, the blood can not clot properly, resulting in excessive or abnormal bleeding. Von Willebrand disease is a hereditary disease in which the von Willebrand factoris  missing from the blood. This causes bleeding of menstruation, gums, and bruises, skin rashes and nosebleeds abnormal and prone to exaggeration. Most cases of von Willebrand disease is mild and can be controlled with medication, this is according to MedlinePlus. Some cases may require regular injections containing  von Willebrand factor blood plasma.

Those are some things that can cause nosebleeds in adults. Although there is no harm, it does not mean nosebleeds are not dangerous at all. You still have to be aware of these conditions.