Three Cups of Tea a Day Reduce Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke


drink tea reduce heart attack and stroke riskDrinking three cups of tea a day could protect us from heart attack or stroke, a new study mentioned.

A Research carried out by Australian scientists found risk reduction of heart problems and stroke by 11 percent simply by regularly drinking green or black tea.

According to them, one cup of tea provides 150-200mg of flavonoids, an antioxidants that are believed to grind the plaque causes thickening and hardening of the arteries due to bad cholesterol.

Deputy leader researcher Dr Jonathan Hodgson said that currently there is consistent data that can indicate flavonoids in tea may improve nitric oxide status and also improve endothelial function.

“Those two substances are at least responsible for cardiovascular health” said the doctor from the University of Western Australia.

The Research conducted by Hodgson and is colleagues also proves it, they examined accurate data received from two countries, USA and England.

In England 80 percent of its people are tea drinkers, while the United States are otherwise. After studied, people in England and some other European countries have healthier heart. “So this is good news for the England or other European countries who are tea drinkers” said Hodgson.