Three Food Combining Tricks for a Healthy Diet


weight lossThere are no single type of food that contains all the nutrients the body needs. So it is important to find a combination of foods in the daily diet. Not only will it optimize health, the right combination of foods is known able to help lose weight.

Experts warned that the combination of protein and starch of certain foods are most beneficial when they are mixed together. But some people have problems not only in the combination of food but the type of food itself.

“Several factors such as food allergies, too many antibiotics, and bad quality protein can affect your body rather than how you consume them,” says a nutrition expert Caitlin Weeks.

According to her, in a weight loss method, often the combinations of those factors interfere with digestion in the body. Although Weeks does not believe in the theory of food combining to lose weight, she mentioned some aspects that helps the absorption of food nutrients by the body.

Choose the right fats: Choose organic foods, such as flaxseed oil, sesame, olive or coconut oil for cooking. Oil which are not processed are high in nutrients and rich in flavor.

Soaking nuts: Many people in the world foster a culture of soaking seeds and nuts to help process natural protein fat. Nuts have a natural enzyme inhibitors that prevent them from growing prematurely. Soaking seeds in water essentially makes nutrition more easily absorbed and digested by your body.

Manage stress: When your body is under stress, the amount of stomach acid needed by the body to aid digestion decrease. Eating food without sufficient stomach acid to help the digestive system causes the food to stay in the stomach longer which can lead to bloating, and heartburn.

Weeks says to avoid it, you can relax your body, chew slowly and eat when the mind is calm and relaxed.