Three Foods That Can Relieve Menstrual Pain


foods to relieve menstrual painWhen women experience menstruation, they often complain about the uncomfortable menstrual pain they get. Abdominal pain, dizziness, fatigue and emotional instability are some disorder  which typically appear before and during menstruation. Before menstruation, these symptoms are known as pre menstruation syndrome.

Well, if you happen to be someone who often experience menstrual pain, before or during your menstruation, you do not actually need to immediately take pain medication to reduce symptoms like mentioned above. There is a more simple way that you can try to avoid menstrual pain.

The trick is just by changing your diet. Yes, as simple as that! How can changing your diet relieve menstrual pain? Well, it is known that some foods have the ability to reduce complaints due to menstruation and makes the body more energized.

Here are three foods that can relieve menstrual pain:

1. Complex carbohydrates
Before and during menstruation, there is usually a great willingness to eat sugar and simple carbohydrates. But you should take notice of the type of carbohydrates you consume.

“The best thing is to eat complex carbohydrates to maintain energy levels to remain stable. There are several to choose from, such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes or whole wheat pasta and brown rice can be relied upon,” said Marissa Lippert, a nutritionist, according to Fitness.

Not only does it contain fiber complex carbohydrates can be digested slowly. It is also a source of magnesium which is needed by the body during menstruation.

2. Nuts
Try to make nuts as your snack during your menstruation. Not only are nuts good for your digestion but it also can keep your emotions stable, which tend to be unstable during menstruation as an effect of menstrual pain.

“Complex carbohydrates can also increase production of serotonin, a brain chemical that makes you feel so much better,” said Lippert.

3. Milk or yogurt
Milk or yougurt could also be very important for women who wants to relieve their menstrual pain. A research had shown that women who take 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day, will feel their menstrual pain reduced by 30 percent. This is compared to those taking 500 milligrams of calcium.

“Nutrition that most women need to overcome their pre menstruation syndrome is calcium,” says Lippert.

Many men tend to avoid women when they experience pre menstruation syndrome because their emotions become unstable and because women easily get angry before menstruation. Now men can try to give them a glass of milk if women are upset with their menstrual pain.