Three Simple Ways to Overcome Insomnia


Insomnia Insomnia is often considered a normal sleep disturbance. However, a recent study in Norway found that people have trouble sleeping at night are at risk of heart problems 45 percent higher than those who can immediately fell asleep.

Insomnia can actually be solved in simple ways. One of them is by doing a hypnosis that aims to improve the quality of one’s sleep.

“Hypnosis reduces the overall brain activity, including in the areas associated with feelings of anxiety so that you feel more relaxed,” said Mark P. Jensen, Ph.D, vice president of research at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington, according to Prevention.

Here is a 3-2-1 simple technique that is recommended by Dr. Jensen so that you can fall asleep faster:

– Listen to three things (like the hum of the air conditioning or the sound of your partner’s breath).

– Looking at three things (think about drawing your favorite place or a big blue sky).

– Feeling three things (soft bedding touches the skin, a cool breeze from the open window).