Tips for Menopausal Women To Keep Their Skin Hygiene


Tips for Menopausal Women To Keep Their Skin HygieneMany women dread menopause. The withdrawal of estrogen from the system has many unwanted effects on the body and the skin. We start to lose our bone density; our metabolic rate slows down increasing the tendency to pile on weight. Our skin loses its ability to retain moisture leading to dryness of the skin. There is loss of fat under the skin and the skin produces lesser collagen. These entire skinchanges manifest themselves as dryness of the skin, loose skin especially in the jaw line, increased wrinkling of the skin and a general appearance of being pulled down. Fortunately, some of these effects can be moderated and controlled by paying extra attention to the skin and lifestyle. So, here are a few tips to look after the skin to reduce the effects and try and maintain a youthful appearance.


As the skin has a tendency to lose moisture and appear dehydrated and dry, it is worthwhile using a creamy face wash or a pH neutral cleanser to wash the face. Also avoid long hot showers to avoid stripping the skin of moisture.


Moisturise your skin regularly with a parabens free creamy moisturizer. If the skin is particularly dry, one can also use body butters for more intense hydration.


Continue to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or more. While majority of UV damage happens in earlier life, using a sunscreen during menopause also helps as the skin becomes thinner and is more prone to UV damage.


Exfoliate the skin two times a week. This will help reduce the dead skin pile up and may also help to reduce the age-spots on the skin.

Wearing make-up to bed

During the night, the skin rejuvenates itself. The temperature of the skin goes up a notch and the pores open up. Hence it is vital to cleanse the skin at night to unplug the pores and use night creams or vitamin rich creams overnight as they penetrate better at night. Wearing make-up to bed clogs the pores and can cause breakouts of pimples. Over a period of time, the cumulative damage may cause the skinto appear lackluster.

Look after your hands and feet

The backs of the hands lose moisture, fat and collagen and may appear bony and the veins start to look more prominent. This area of the body is often the first to start showing signs of ageing. Use a moisturiser regularly and also use a sunscreen on these areas to help retain their plump appearance.

Unhealthy Eating

The heat and UV light cause significant oxidative damage to the skin and also other organs. That is they can cause damage at the cellular level. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants, which combat this damage. If proper attention is not paid to the diet and we have inadequate anti-oxidants in the diet, then there is extensive damage to the cells, which manifests as acceleratedageing. Most of us have committed some sin or the other at various points in our lives. The point is that these sins if not controlled and if committed over prolonged periods of time can cause significant damage, which is irreparable. However, we should point out that cheating for one day in a month is insignificant. So, try and avoid these sins for a great looking and glowing skin tone this summer.

Eat your anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants will help to firm the skin from inside out. They help to repair and regenerate the skin. Look out for brightly coloured fruits and vegetables and try and include as many colours as possible in yourdiet to get the whole range of anti-oxidants.

Eating soy

Soy is rich in isoflavone, which is a phyto-estrogen (has similar effects as estrogen in the body and is derived from plants). Drinking soymilk regularly can slow down the age related changes like thinning of the skin.


Stress can increase the sensitivity of the skin and also make the skin more dehydrated. Stress causes damage to almost all organs of the body, the skin being no exception. During stress, our body releases a hormone called cortisol. It can also exacerbate skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. Beat thestress in life by regular yoga or meditation.

Exercise regularly

Exercise boosts the circulation to the skin. The extra surge of oxygen and blood flow makes the skinlook brighter and healthier. Exercise also helps to boost the metabolic rate and helps in overall wellness.

Bulk up on beauty sleep

The term “beauty sleep” is not a myth. It is based on scientific facts. During asleep, our body releases growth hormone. This hormone helps the skin to heal itself and can add to a healthy glow. People who do not get the required amount of sleep or people who have a poor quality sleep often do not produce enough of this hormone and can as a consequence have dull skin which also ages faster.?Try and get about 8 hours of sleep. This will help recharge the body and also reduces the dark circles under the eyes.

Anti-ageing products

There are many skin creams, body creams and supplements which can help to slow down the ageingprocess. The common ingredients in skin creams are retinoid or beta hydroxyl acids. The common oral ingredients are plant extracts, vitamins and some anti-oxidants. You can use anti-ageing creams available over the counter or you can consult a dermatologist to get products suitable for your skin type.

I would like to conclude by saying stay fit, eat right and continue to look after your skin. Menopause is the beginning of a new phase in life and can also be the most beautiful phase if one has a positive attitude. (healthmeup)