Tips In Fighting Bad Breath


Tips In Fighting Bad BreathBad breath is an embarrassing situation that many people encounter. One may feel that if they are brushing and flossing there is nothing they can do aside from breath spray and mints to, at best, camouflage the odor. Just as it is true for many medical conditions, it is true for halitosis as well; i.e., one must treat the underlying cause and not just the symptoms. 

A proper diet can go a long ways towards nixing bad breath. One may want to add acidophilus to their diet, which can be obtained in yogurt with live cultures. The acidophilus helps the body’s digestive track and fights bacteria imbalances which can lead to unfavorable breath.

Another digestive issue which leads to poor breath is constipation. A diet high in animal proteins causes one to absorb bacteria. These bacteria enter the bloodstream and then the lungs and exit in the form of bad breath. A diet high is fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, brown rice and beans, promotes regular bowel movements which prevents bad breath producing toxins to build up in your system.

One may also want to increase the amount of Vitamin C in their diet. Vitamin C promotes healing and protects gums from cell damage. Poor gum health is also a cause of bad breath. One can get Vitamin C from many sources including cabbage, citrus, and red peppers.

Another tip that is also good for general health, as well all fighting bad breath, is to drink enough water. Drinking eight glasses a day will keep your mouth moist and prevent germs and bacteria from building up due to food particles. Drinking plenty of fluids, once again, also aids in promoting proper bowel functions.

A nature breath freshener is chlorophyll. Parsley is a good source of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green appearance so edible green plants are a good alternative to chemical breath fresheners.

Don’t forget to visit the dentist to ensure that bad breath is not the sign of tooth decay or gum disease. Otherwise, following a diet rich in fiber, Vitamin C, acidophilus and plenty of water should nix bad breath. by: Rachel Gillespe