Tips on ordering a healthy sushi menu


healthy sushiAlthough sushi is generally made ??of seafood, but a study mentioned that excessive consumption of these foods can make people fat. That’s because the additional material and other sauces used in sushi turned out to contain high fat.

So if you want to continue to enjoy sushi and do not want to gain weight, try to see the tips on ordering sushi menu that is healthy, as reported by U.S. News as following.

  • When ordering types of maki sushi – sushi rolled to the outside of dried seaweed and sliced ??into eight pieces – share its portion with others.
  • Avoid tempura menu – all fried foods – because usually the food contains high calories and fat.
  • Also avoid sushi menu that are ‘colorful’ as usual sushi tends to form larger, more fat, and more calories.
  • Sushi without mayonnaise is a wise choice if you want to order more healthful menu.
  • In addition to mayonnaise, cream cheese also need to be avoided when ordering sushi.
  • Like an eel? No problem ordering sushi eel because it contains omega-3 high. But do not overdo it while enjoying it.
  • Healthy sushi menu selection is a low calorie tuna, shrimp (but not processed as tempura), and salmon.
  • Do not choose a sushi menu plus avocado.
  • Ask the chef to add a number of cucumber sushi rolls for pressing in cholesterol and calories.
  • Vegetarian sushi can also be selected as the Japanese diet that is more healthful.

If eating a little sushi is less filling, start by eating miso soup or vegetable salad first. Enjoy!