Tips to Protect Your Eyes in Winter


Winter is company with us. As it is felt, there is low temperature, together with chilly wind blowing, and winter is really a hard time for our body. To keep healthy, some measures are needed at this period. Doing some exercises is a good choice to enhance our body in the bad condition.

Have more water and fight against dryness. During winter days, the weather is charactered with dryness. The both dry air and lower temperature make our body in thirsty. So after getting up, a glass of water is a must. Especially for the eyes, some water is essential for their health in dry condition. After doing exercises, more water with proper salt is needed to keep the normal balance, then. Some fruit and vegetables are also necessary for complementing enough water, like pear, apple and some green vegetables.

Keep enough sleep, besides proper exercises. Doing exercises also needs the body in good condition. Some people always decrease the sleep time to get up earlier for some morning running. It is not a wise choice, of course. From the scientific viewpoints, winter is the very time to have more rest. A good sleep is an important way to improve the immune system and keep health. So have a good sleep first and then do the exercises properly. By the way, being short of sleep will make the eyes in bad conditions first. Without a pair of healthy eyes, the body will be far from health, too.

Adjusting your menu and give more nutrients to the body. In winter, our body needs more energy to fight against the cold. The dry skin and eyes are both need more nutrition, at the same time. Especially the eyes, being in front of computer for hours every day makes them weaker, definitely. If there are short of nutrients, some eye diseases will appear. Besides some exercises, the menu in daily should be adjusted, too. Well, some being on diet may worry about their weight. Just choose some in lower calories, but never try to eat less. After all, the healthy body is more important.

Have you prepared well for the cold winter? Then with the above tips, you can make your own agenda now. Do keep healthy.