Tips to reduce the risk of asthma triggers


Asthma is a respiratory disorder that can be life threatening if not treated immediately by someone. Before asthma attack, you better try to reduce the risk of asthma triggers, as quoted from Health Me Up as follows.

In addition to causing allergies, dust also trigger asthma. So use a damp cloth when cleaning the furniture so that dust does not fly and make your asthma relapse.

Dirty insects such as ticks, cockroaches, and others can also trigger asthma. Therefore you should be diligent to clean your house every day so that no dirty insects lives there.

Besides cigarettes, apparently asthma can be triggered from fire and smoke from vehicles. All types should be avoided to reduce the risk of asthma triggers.

Changes in temperature from hot to cold and vice versa is one of the triggers of asthma to look out for. So keep the condition of the body so that you do not feel too hot or cold to prevent asthma attacks.

Curtains and carpets mostly contain dust that can trigger asthma. Therefore do not be lazy to wash them regularly.

Fever and sinus
If you are sick with fever accompanied by cough and sinuses, you may have asthma. You should immediately contact your doctor to determine the proper treatment.

Pet fur
You should not keep animals with feathers. Because pets fur is also able to trigger an asthma attack.

All kinds of hard-scented perfume, deodorant, air fresheners, and any cleaners can trigger asthma. Reduce the use of these products in order not to have asthma.

Do not allow yourself easily get angered, fear, and stress. The whole negative emotions can trigger asthma which endangers your health condition.

So, those are some tips to reduce the risk of asthma triggers. May you always be healthy! 🙂

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