Tips to Start Your Monday Happily


happy mondayA study mentions that many people welcomes Monday with an unpleasant mood. There are even words like “I hate Monday” that had already become familiar, especially for office workers. Pasting the holidays does not give much help to evoke mood. Well, here are six things you can do to make your Monday more fun.

– Start with coffee
Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy it, the smell of coffee can also help refresh your mind and mood. Similarly, caffeine content will increase your heart rate so that you’re more excited. And of course, while enjoying coffee, you should stay away from your co-workers who are having bad mood.

– Call someone you are close to
Started the day by calling the closest person to you so that it can also evoke mood. You can call anyone, your sister, parent, or spouse to share funny stories or events that you experience at the weekend.

– Sharing
Take the time for a casual conversation with a friend will give a tremendous effect. Do not ever feel you are wasting time because you have to immediately look at the work desk.

Research from Harvard University and the University of California, San Diego, said that happiness is contagious. For example, if the person you are talking to is happy, then you have a 25 percent chance to feel the happiness as well.

– Open You tube
You Tube trend also provides positive benefits. You can change your mood instantly by watching funny videos. Even for those who really do not want to smile, these videos can force you to laugh.

– Breakfast with fatty foods
If your usual breakfast menu is just a handful of bread and cheese or eggs, have something special for Monday, replace your breakfast menu. Choose foods with more fat. In a study, written in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the study showed that fatty foods provide comfort effect and makes you avoid negative emotions and feelings.

– Exercise
If you have enough time, you can take a few minutes in the gym before continuing your trip to the office. Perform light exercise like using a treadmill that is fun. When exercising ,your body temperature will rise, and this makes the mind more calm, it also reduces anxiety and stress.

In addition to exercising in the gym, early sexual activity also makes you more comfortable for the day. An article in The Daily Mail wrote that having sex in the morning will make people feel more optimistic to face the rest of the day.