Tomato juice is potent to prevent cancer and heart disease!

Tomato juice is potent to prevent cancer and heart disease!

Consumption of healthy foods, exercise regularly, diligently using sunscreen, avoid smoking, and others. All of it is given the various suggestions to avoid cancer. But is it all things to avoid it cause cancer? Recently, a study has revealed a surprising reason why a lot of people affected by cancer.

The study, conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University revealed that two-thirds of adults have cancer because of random mutations in their genes. In other words, most cases of cancer is mere coincidence due to random mutations in a person’s genes.

Researchers tried researching this because they want to know the reason why some body tissues such as the intestine, pancreas, and others have a higher risk of developing cancer compared to other body parts. Researchers also observed 31 types of body tissues and compared, as reported by the Women’s Health Mag (06/01).

The results showed that the higher the likelihood of tissue cells divided, the higher the risk of cancer. Changes and cell division is related to the possibility of cancer high on the same network. This is because the higher the rate of cell division, the higher the likelihood of cells to mutate and cause cancer.

So, does this mean that all the healthy lifestyle that made useless anymore? Of course not. Although the researchers found that most cancers are caused by random mutations in the cells, but other cancer cases are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors, including unhealthy habits. While some cases of cancer are also caused by heredity.

David Katz, MD, MPH, of the Yale University Prevention Research Center revealed that cells that look random mutations can also be triggered by many factors including unhealthy lifestyle. The possibility of a mutation influenced by a person’s lifestyle. Increasingly unhealthy lifestyle lived, the mutation rate is also higher.

In conclusion, the cancer can be triggered by many things, ranging from heredity, unhealthy lifestyle, and random mutation. Our job as humans to maintain a healthy body is to prevent it in a way that can be done, such as leading a healthy life, leaving an unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol, exercising regularly, maintaining a diet, and be aware of the symptoms of cancer to prevent it.

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