Too Much Belly Fat Increase Cancer Risks


Too Much Belly Fat Increase Cancer RisksMany people know that being overweight is bad for health. However, recent research suggests that excess fat in the abdomen can lead to something more dangerous, which increases the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Researchers knew this after a CT scan of the abdominal fat of 3,000 Americans aged 50 years for seven years. During the study there were 90 cases of heart disease, 141 cancer cases and 71 deaths that was found. Researchers later concluded that excess abdominal fat is associated with high risk of heart disease and cancer.

Results of this study are likely to explain why people with the same BMI (body mass index) both have different diseases associated with obesity.

“In contrast to previous studies that compared the BMI and waist size, it seems the fat on the belly can be used to predict the risk of heart disease,” said lead researcher Dr. Caroline Fox of the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s Laboratory for Metabolic and Population Health, as reported by U.S. News (10/07).

Although this study found a link between excess abdominal fat and the risk of heart disease and cancer, but this study could not demonstrate a causal link.