Too Much Breathing Through Mouth Could Change Face Shape


children with asthma Health Tips – Children who have asthma or allergies often have to breathe through their mouth, rather than through nose. This habit not only makes the tongue and mouth dry, but over time can change face shape.

Obstruction or damage to the nasal cavity is the cause why some children can not breathe through their nose. The damage could occur because of chronic allergies or infections.

The latest study by Dr. OK Jefferson from Mount Holly, New Jersey, quoted from HealthDay, states that a normal human being swallows 2000 times a day. Tongue pressures generated toward the oral cavity during swallowing affect the growth of facial bones.

Now, in children who breathe through their mouths, tongue and palate became dry so they don’t swallow much. If it is left untreated, the effects are disturbances in tooth and jaw growth. Among these are the long face syndrome, a form of a narrow mouth, jaw sink.

In a study reported in the General Dentistry journal, it is also revealed that breathing through mouth is responsible for a number of non-physical effects. Sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder is among them.

The reason is the lack of oxygen in the blood, because breathing through the mouth in general is shallow breathing. It affects sleep quality, so children become quickly exhausted. Always restless sleep, decreased academic achievement, easily frustrated and at risk of child psychological disorders such as hyperactivity or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Anti-allergy drugs, according to Jefferson is not the correct solution, because long-term treatment can bring unwanted side effects. Tonsil and adenoid (polyps) lifting should be done, although sometimes, one time is not enough.

Dr. Leslie Grant of the Academy of Deneral Denstistry, says that asthma and allergies are not the only cause. Trauma during birth, as well as Down’s Syndrome, including several other possible causes the child to breathe through their mouth.

“However, for the science of dentistry this is a good issue to be appointed. I think it is very important, and often overlooked,” said Grant.

Jefferson himself said, the study he had done is not only to overcome health problems. Efforts to improve the appearance is one goal of the research.