Too Much Complaining Can Make You Sick


complainToo much complaining have no benefits for your health, it can even make your body susceptible to diseases. In the other hand, a brave and optimistic attitude can increase the body’s immune system so people do not get sick easy.

Several studies have shown that psychological factors can affect one’s health. Stress in the workplace and in marriage life, for example, can make a person susceptible to bacteria.

People who often complain are usually easily stressed and stress will be the entrance to the disease because stress reduce immunity.

In a study conducted last year at the University of Kentucky, Prof. Suzanne Segerstrom compared the effect of optimistic and pessimistic attitude towards the immune system.

For this purpose, Prof. Segerstrom involved 124 first semester law students. The students were asked to fill out questionnaires about foresight in addressing the academic competition with other students on campus.

Students who are optimistic are not easily stressed when faced with competition, whereas students who often complain and feeling pessimistic feels their friends are smarter than them. Complaining and pessimistic attitude causes stress and other negative emotions such as low self-esteem.

Meanwhile, the student body’s immune system is measured by injecting a fungus candida which has been shut into the skin tissue. The fungus is not dangerous, it stimulates the immune system to fight in the form of swelling in the skin.

The result showed that students who are optimistic tend to have better immune systems than those who are pessimists. Although the effect of mental attitude on the immune system is actually quite small, Prof. Segerstrom judged it to be quite significant.

“In numbers, its influence is only 19 percent. But that is greater than the effect of calcium supplementation on bone density that is 8 percent or effect of hypertension drug on the risk of stroke that is only 3 percent,” he said according to MSNBC.