Too much drinking tea is bad for bones?


Drinking four cups of tea a day cuts the risk of stroke

Tea is one beverage that is considered healthy, even healthier than coffee. But a study suggests that too much drinking of tea is also bad for health. This is due to a substance in tea, namely fluoride.

Fluoride is a controversial substance that is usually contained in water. Fluoride is considered good for dental health, for the substance is often used in dental hygiene products such as toothpastes. But a study also revealed that exposure to fluoride can damage bone health.

Researchers found evidence that eating four milligrams of fluoride a day could lead to damage to the bone, cause muscle problems, and even cause chronic pain.

Meanwhile, a research conducted at the University of Derby, UK, reveal that many black tea packs contain 75 to 120 percent of the daily fluoride. Coupled with other sources of fluoride such as fluoridated water and toothpaste, people who love to drink tea could  consume too much fluoride that can be harmful to health.

Study that compared 38 brands of tea found that the cheapest tea or instant ones are one that most widely-containing fluoride.